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Data Sharing Formats
« on: 27 October, 2016, 02:13:15 pm »
Hello, I am the developer of the website Currently I allow raw NMEA uploads recorded while using OpenCPN (navigation program). I do this to allow sharing of depth related information. I realize that a lot of people do not use OpenCPN so I have started to develop and Android app for recording NMEA info received via TCP/IP from onboard instruments (wifi multiplexors). Recording this way I can get depth/location and AIS information. I then plan to allow the users to upload these recordings to my site for processing. The reason I am posting is that within these recordings, if the user has AIS repeated (which would contain all ships/boats in the area) I would like to upload this tracking to an AIS tracking site. In order to keep the uploads small enough, there would potentially need to be some filtering and formatting (all this would be over cell data, most of the times in remote areas around the globe). My question is this, does AIS Hub support any form of sharing like this? Essentially every user that would record/upload would become a mobile recording station. Any thoughts, ideas or general direction would be appreciated.


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Re: Data Sharing Formats
« Reply #1 on: 21 January, 2017, 10:43:28 pm »
Hello, I checked your website, this looks like a cool project! I like your idea. While I can't comment on the AISHub policy, I can offer using it for an archival project I am running.

I run the AIS station 2404 also run a little AIS history project on my website PartMarine ( to archive historical AIS data. I would be interested in leveraging your AIS data to include in that archive.

For instance here is an example for historical location for Greenpeace's Rainbow Warrior:

This comes from AISHub colllecters. VentureFarther's dataset could enhance the archive.