Author Topic: Receiving no record when trying to retreive specific vessel info via web service  (Read 1219 times)


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Hi guys

I'm new to this forum, did a few searches regarding my particular problem but could not find an answer.
I'm hoping that you guys can show me the error of my ways.

Pretty simple problem.
I can fetch "everything" from the AIS web service, I checked about 10 valid mmsi's and imo's in this "everything" data and they were not there.
Searching for an mmsi or imo that is in the "everything" data does return only that vessel - as expected.

So my question is really - is the data simply not available via AIS?
Example: Mearsk Laguna with IMO    9526942 is available via but it seems missing from the AIS data.

Is it as simple as that - the data is not available via AIS or am I missing something else here?