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[ AirNav ShipTrax Hardware & Software product REVIEW & BUYER BEWARE! Till AirNav fixes the software product.]

Hi  Dear Review Readers,

We still have a long road ahead to make it better.  Hopefully everyone can regroup and sit down with AirNav Support department,etc and get the ShipTrax software working correctly soon & better.  Hopefully it will start working this 2012 year for all ShipTrax users.
Hopefully next time AirNav Systems will have more beta testers on the ShipTrax team.

Here is my Review of the ShipTrax product so far...

My first month review on the AirNav Systems ShipTrax Hardware/Software product.  :(

AirNav ShipTrax Software doesn't work correctly for the ship AIS tracking enthusiasts.  >:(

 :'( 1.) The ShipTrax software can only be used on ONE computer only.  You can't switch computers throughout the day to use the ShipTrax hardware.
Examples: You can only use it on the home computer.  Can't take the hardware with you to your office computer to use it. Then use it on your Yacht/Girlfriends/Wife's computers/laptop in the evening, Can't grab the Shiptrax hardware box and use it on the mobile computer in your vehicle on day trips, etc....
Each time you want to use the ShipTrax product on another computer. You would need to contact AirNav Support via email and have your UniqueID reset.
AirNav Systems hasn't released any info on how you can use the ShipTrax hardware/software product after AirNav Systems goes out of business or sold to another company. After the ShipTrax buyers paying from $500 to $1,099 for the product.  We the ShipTrax users should know how to handle this problem.

1.b) The way to fix this problem.  Let us use the ShipTrax software on our other computers without needing to contact anyone at AirNav Systems via email.   Limiting it to one computer is not good for this type of product. Let the users that owns the ShipTrax hardware use it on two/three computers they own.

 ??? 2.) The software needs to be connected to the internet every day or 15 or 30 days to keep active.  So you always need to make sure you have internet connection close by at any given time. Since you don't know when the ShipTrax software last "TALKED" to the AirNav Systems server.

-- Another ShipTrax user Lou is having the same problem.,6252.120.html

 :D 3.) The ShipTrax software isn't able to upload data to AIShub or MarineTraffic or other AIS tracking websites.  It's not built into the software like it should be.  Shouldn't need to run any other software to upload data to AIS tracking websites.

 :o 4.) The ShipTrax software doesn't remember the user settings on the software each time it's run on the computer.
Examples: Every time you run the software and you don't want to share your AIS data.  You would have to unchecked the box for "Share received data to ShipTrax Network" So it can't be sent to the AirNav ShipTrax Network server.
Since some users like only sharing AIS data to AIShub server and having the other tracking websites/software grab the data from AIShub server directly and not from the user.  Since it could be illegal in the country your receiver is located in and to share data to another party.

 ::) 5.) Lack of forum support for all AirNav ShipTrax users on the AirNav Systems Forum.

 :-[ 6.) Stop deleting forum posts. So you can hide stuff(Bad Reviews,Equipment/hardware/software Bugs,Questions,etc) from members/readers of the AirNav Systems forum.
>> Why did AirNav delete this post?,2462.0.html

 :o 7.) Stuff lacking & Errors in the ShipTrax Documentation & Manuals.  (It hasn't been updated since before the release of the ShipTrax Product)

 ??? 8.) The ShipTrax FAQ pages hasn't been updated with newer information.

 :( 9.) No software updates since the first public version of the ShipTrax software.  Still on the very first version  >:(

 :-[ 10.)  Too many problems to list them all!  >:(

Posted the same review on this RS forum thread.,7020.0.html

What does AirNav Systems have to do to create trust in the AIS community ? 
Answer: Be more part of the AIS community and stop playing games!

The ShipTrax software is still not working correctly  -- It Ain't Right!

Thank you for taking your time to read my first review of the ShipTrax product.
I will come back and update everyone.  If there are any changes with the ShipTrax product.

My other AIS receiver product (Comar SLR-200N) is doing great.  I haven't have the need to touch it for the past year and it continues uploading AIS data to  Sometimes I forget I even own the receiver.  8)

As we all see on the ShipTrax Network page.  About 2 users(stations) showing up on the AirNav ShipTrax network page.
Wonder how many ShipTrax units AirNav sold so far, and not being used anymore sitting on some shelf.
but 99.9% AIS data coming from AIShub network being used on the ShipTrax Network.

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Request to AirNav Systems!

Please release ShipTrax software update that will work on any user computers with, or without a internet connection - 2012 Request!

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Lou still dealing with his problem for his ShipTrax box still....  :(

Quote from: Lou
The saga goes on,I got another support ticket from AirNav on the 5/9 todate no other word from them, and I`ve still got the problem,emailed today hopefully I`ll get a response before Christmas.,6252.msg49699.html#msg49699

Lou Posted on October 04, 2012
AirNav I would like you to be a bit more honest, this is not an internet problem and I have been asking you for help since february,you keep giving me support no`s yet you do not respond or even acknowledge my follow up emails this is just shabby customer service

Lou Posted on October 04, 2012
I`ve been waiting for over eight months for a bug in my ShipTrax to be fixed,judging by the long wait you all have had I got at least another four years to wait

[Some other comments from another AirNav Systems product user.]

Post by CoastGuardJon on October 5, 2012
Hi AN, this brings us full circle and back to where we started -
Ban us if you want, it wouldn't make any difference to me or my views.
Surely that's not asking too much of you, is it?


CoastGuardJon post on October 5, 2012
As I'm being quoted in here, I may as well go for broke and get banned from AN's Forum - WOW, now, I'm really in need of a change of underwear!! The way AN treat us (their) customers, who keep them in business (or are these claims of RB just being a very small spoke in a big wheel, really true?) I pity their poor commercial customers, or do they get treated better - does anyone in here, and also the trade or aviation industry, know if any of these claims are true, or just another line of their BS............

I feel very sorry for the volunteer heroes, such as Chris (Tarbat), Rod and database updaters and others who keep the RB alive and kicking for AN's benefit, with no real recompense, other than the kick in the goolies! I'm sure at least one of the two named will know exactly what I'm referring to!,4414.msg49825.html#msg49825


Whatever happened to the promise of fixing long standing bugs once Ship Trax was released?
More Air Nav lies!,952.75.html


chewycanes posted October 6, 2012
Well at least a bit of honesty from AN.
It shows what i thought and that is that the bugs issues is and has always been way down on its list of priorities.
The most annoying thing is that we apparently have been asking for two years for online tracking solutions. Well no i have been waiting two years for bugs to be fixed.
Sorry AN i know you are trying to be a bit more open and honest and your new products may be wonderful and ground breaking but it don't help me

Update from Anmer:
Anyone can post unless they've been banned by AirNav.  And there are quite a few of us in the "Banned for Life" club.
I'm sure the Court of Human Rights would rule in our favour.

AirNav has a policy of silencing its critics either by accusing them of working for competitors, being trouble makers or, if that fails, banning them for breaking the forum rules which don't cover what we've, allegedly, done.,462.msg7113.html#msg7113

ANAirNav Systems Company
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[Update from Lou about his AirNav ShipTrax problems]

Quote from: Lou
Hi Brian I`ve been in touch with W & S three times over the last couple of weeks and today I was lucky enough to speak to a very helpful and knowledgeable guy who promised to ring me back tomorrow,I have not heard anything from AirNav despite them sending me a support number.I`ve been a customer of W & S for over thirty years so hopefully they will nail the problem for me once and for all.,6252.msg49965.html#msg49965


It will be interesting what Lou & W&S can get out of AirNav systems about the ShipTrax hardware/software problems.
Hope W&S can put some pressure on the AirNav Systems company to fix the ShipTrax product problems(hardware/software,etc...)

My ShipTrax is still sitting in the box inside the junk drawer. Since I can't use it still for my AIS daily logging :(


Great list from AirNav RadarBox Customer Anmer.
Very good read from some of the stuff sent out from AirNav Systems this year.

Why some of us don't trust AirNav Systems.
But more importantly I just don't trust AirNav. Here's why, when the customers started to complain about the lack of a software release since December 2009. I have a similar diary for the ShipTrax excuses which spanned 3 years of broken promises.,1740.0.html

About AirNav RadarBox, RadarBox24 , AirNav ShipTrax, The AirNav owner Andre Brandao and worldwide distributor, Waters & Stanton.

I wish Andre Brandao wouldn't spend all his time on the new project. Should spend more time with the ShipTrax users.
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[November Update:]

From Lou,
Hi All. Just an update on my ShipTrax saga, needless to say W&S did not get back to me,three weeks and many phone calls later I managed to get to speak to the same tech guy I originally spoke to, we spoke at length and I pointed him to this website the upshot was that he thinks that it is a hardware problem and to return the unit to them.I have not had the chance to do this yet but hope to in the next couple of weeks.I don`t think that it is a H/W problem but I think that he is on the right lines as when I first installed Shiptrax and tried to register, it told that the email address was in use by someone else (my RadarBox presumably) this can only be sorted by AirNav as they seem totally unwilling to help me I can only hope W&S can get it sorted for me :(,6252.msg50504.html#msg50504


My update:
Lou Thanks for the update.
I still haven't heard anything from AirNav Systems about the problems my ShipTrax.
I would like to see AirNav Systems do some more investigating before having any ShipTrax boxes sent back Waters & Stanton for review of the ShipTrax problems.  Wonder if someone in the San Diego AirNav Systems office would be able to check out the problems.,6252.msg50510.html#msg50510


AirNav Systems should do a RECALL on all AirNav ShipTrax units and replace them with new ShipTrax hardware units.


satbopper came up with a good post on the AirNav Systems thread.  ShipTrax could be using the same very bad components inside the AirNav ShipTrax hardware boxes.... I haven't seen any inside photos of the ShipTrax hardware.
Hi Freqhopping,
All your troubles about the box is the result of very bad components inside the box
no filtering,crappy connections (antenne)
i looked inside the box,the first thing a radio amateur does hi and it didnt made me happy
As a ham radio amateur i know what i talking about,if i make a broadcast with 20 watts output
power,the box will go crazy.
there is no TFI in the shack,i work the whole world,and the antennes on the roof are not
close together.
So a lot of money for the box with lousy components.
Sure there will be a lot of people who are saying "ïts not treu" they dont know what they are talking about

From Anmer:
In the absence of a quote beforehand, I'd ask Waters & Stanton to put back the defective components and ship back the RadarBox in the original condition together with a written quote detailing the cause of the failures.
Then I'd film the RadarBox being smashed to pieces and upload it to Youtube,,1930.msg8966.html
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Since the server all down this weekend.

The ShipTrax users can't get the software to talk to the server and do some AIS logging this holiday weekend  >:(

From Lou
Airnav server seems to be down in my area,unable to use my ShipTrax software or access forum.,6252.msg50739.html#msg50739


Correct for me too.  No AIS logging this weekend AIS spotting trip.  >:(

The AirNav Systems Forum and RadarBox Network and ( map is also down at this time.

We can't use AirNav ShipTrax software when the server is down.  Due to no backup server plans on AirNavSystem's part :(

The AIS data feed is down due to server being down!

Post by tarbat on January 6,2013

I can understand that network servers go down occasionally, but I do have a concern about some aspects of AirNav products where we've paid a one-off, up front fee, that will only work with a live connection to AirNav servers:
    - Radarbox 3D functionality.
    - ShipTrax (the 2 or 4 week rule).

Maybe AirNav should redesign these products to be more tolerant to server/network failures.
Post by Lou on January 6,2013
No network for most of today so no ShipTrax, its running ok now, if only the two or four week rule was fact not fiction

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Lou & others still having trouble getting the AirNav ShipTrax product to work correctly... 

The problem is the same as it has been since I purchased ShipTrax, it will not run without a live internet connection, this has also been a problem for me when you have had server trouble, like last Christmas when I was unable to use the software for over four days in total. I have asked you for help on many occasions and you have issued me several support ticket numbers many of which you have failed to respond to, on one occasion you suggested that it was a problem with my internet connection but I don`t believe this is correct as the software works faultlessly when the connection is active, downloading pictures and maps without any trouble, I have also spoken to the service technician ( Chris ) at Waters & Stanton and he has told me that he thinks it is a hardware fault, again I don`t follow this line of thought as the box works fine with Shiplotter and SeaClear II. My belief is that this is a registration problem at your end as when I first installed the software it said that I could not use my email address as it was in use by someone else ( my RadarBox is registered on this email address ). As I Have explained before I do not have a permanently on internet connection so this has been a long and disappointing association with your product.


Europoort Wrote:
Bought shiptrax a thee weeks ago. I have only problems white the network en 3D is very bad! It works not normale. I pay a lot of euro for this system and i am very dissappointed. Help me please white a software update en a better network of Airnav.

The network is very slow, 3D is not good working and Openstreetmap worken very slow and stop some times.
There are many ships around my house and a see some of theme. Not al ships. The labels are working not by every ship. And sometimes change my screen and i do nothing on my computer. The installation of the software  i have repeatedly made new.