Author Topic: NEW MODEL! - The SLR-300N is a dual-channel IP-addressable Ethernet AIS Receiver  (Read 9154 times)


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NEW MODEL! - The SLR-300N is a dual-channel IP-addressable Ethernet AIS Receiver, designed specifically for the larger vessel or for shore-side monitoring.
Comar SLR300N - New Shoreside AIS unit 

Comar SLR300N
Network AIS Receiver for Coastal
Monitoring Applications | February 2013
Connected to a PC, via the industry standard RJ45 Ethernet connector, the SLR300N enables AIS data to be viewed directly, or shared on a local network. The unit can also be mounted at a remote location and AIS data sent via the Internet to a fixed IP address for use on a dedicated server.
The SLR300N has been specifically designed for use by the professional market and uses the well proven and internationally specified Comar high sensitivity dual channel parallel receiver.

The “industry preferred” AIS network receiver for shoreside monitoring applications
Now in a completely new enclosure and with an Ethernet and a USB interface, the SLR300N is an even better solution for use as a shoreside monitoring device.
The SLR300N also includes a 90-265VAC/12VDC Universal Power Supply giving the user everything they need to plug and play. {This page showing the wrong product photo}

"The SLR300N is basically the same unit as SLR200N but has the option for AC power and also has a USB port that can be used for configuration."

Stations on running the new SLR-300N product:
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that hardware has already an built in ethernet controller?
so that i don't need an separate com RS232 > ethernet converter?
and are there more types of these for sale, especially in the netherlands?