Author Topic: AIShub message syntaxe  (Read 3737 times)


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AIShub message syntaxe
« on: 25 February, 2013, 12:30:52 pm »
I have a GPSd with local AIS feed from a fix station available and I would like to push them onto AISHub.

The problem: GPSd can read feed from AIShub but cannot push them to Internet. And obviously AIShub cannot pull data from a well know IP/port

 - does it exist a GPSd client that could push a feed to AIShub ?
 - what message format require AIShub, modifying GPSpipe to send data over AIShub should not be complex is syntaxe is not too complex ?

Note I cannot use AIS-dispatch because of my configuration. The machine where is located the AIS receiver does not have a direct access to Internet. It needs to send its feed througt to a gateway server and AIS-dispatch cannot be chained, when GPSd can.