Author Topic: Carnival Spa & Carnival Cloud 9 Spa menu/treatments/prices/staterooms  (Read 3417 times)


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If you curious about the cost of Carnival Spa see this link - all Carnival Spa products are by Elemis (a top luxury brand), and the Spa services prices start from $32 to soar up to $321 (per guest).
About the prices in the menu of Carnival Cloud 9 Spa see this one - Cloud 9 Spa Carnival cruise ship services cost a little bit more then those offered in the smaller Carnival Spa. This article also shows the numbers and deck locations of all Cloud 9 Spa staterooms which are unique to only the newest class Carnival cruise ships - the Dream-class (Breeze, Dream, Magic), the Concordia-class (Splendor) and also on the newest Carnival cruise ship Sunshine (the Carnival Destiny's new name after her 2013 refit in Italy).
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