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the world's two largest cruise lines offer wine packages which you can pre-purchase prior to sailing - on Carnival this is done via Bon Voyage department (phone service only), while Royal Caribbean cruises offer an online order form. For more details on the "wine package cruise prices" subject see the below links
This link has info on Carnival wine policy (allowance), and the "cruise wine" list with prices (regularly updated). Carnival lines' wine packages cost depends on bottles number (for 3 or 5 bottles, they are called "basic", "deluxe" and premium")
This is the RCCL link for the Royal Caribbean wine policy and list prices (also from 2013). It has valuable info on the new Royal Caribbean "wine and dine" package cost (depends on how much bottles you buy - 5, 7, 10 or 12) and what wines are offered, the old RCCL wine packages (obsolete now) were called "gold", platinum" and "diamond". I was amazed to find on big and definitely not luxury cruise ship (by which I mean RCCL) a bottle of wine that cost over $600, but it's their company, they can offer whatever they like, and probably some of the guests will enjoy this wine - at least for its luxury price
This is another "cruise wine" related page at shipcruise showing all "food" themed cruises for 2014 food and wine cruises are culinary themed sailings on which you can enjoy gourmet dining, fine wines, elegant atmosphere and perfect service. The last link has many links for additional info on prices and for more details.
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