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Has anyone tried the alternative ais forwarding app kplex It is opensource on github. How stable is it?

The private symbol __get_cpu_features@@GLIBC_PRIVATE has moved from
libc6 to

suggestion would be that you need to recompile against the newer libc.


aisdispatcher no longer runs on linux due to the following problem

./aisdispatcher: relocation error: ./aisdispatcher: symbol __get_cpu_features, version GLIBC_PRIVATE not defined in file  :'(with link time reference

It looks like a recent security update to (which links to) has removed the symbol.

Can you please re-compile aisdispatcher against the new location of GLIBC_PRIVATE?

AIS Dispatcher / aisdispatcher BeagleBone Black Rev C ArmV7
« on: 24 August, 2016, 04:27:00 pm »

Could someone please provide a version of aisdispatcher compiled for armV7 32 bit that will run on a BeagleBone Black or temporarily lend me the source code under an NDA so I can build it? I have tried both the current compiled  glibc and uClibc  arm versions of aisdispatcher from this site but they will not execute - gives:- -bash: ./aisdispatcher: No such file or directory

General Discussion / iPhone AIS Transmit app beta tester(s)
« on: 19 January, 2012, 12:43:40 pm »

We are looking for a couple of folks to take our iPhone AIS Boat based app for a Beta sea trial.

We are designing an iPhone app that will allow you to see and be seen on  AIS Hub. The App is focused on being used by a skipper on a boat at sea rather than on land. The app is standalone and allows you to transmit your boats' details and position within Coastal waters without needing an external AIS transponder or aerial. You must have a valid MMSI number assigned to your vessel to use it in AIS Transmit mode. Details of the features are included below.

You will need an MMSI, an iPhone 3GS or 4, or iPad with OS 4.2 or later (must have a compass). If you are interested please contact me.


See and be seen on your boat in Coastal Sea areas for a fraction of
the cost of a conventional AIS system.

Let's you keep a watch on boats near you and others keep a watch on
you using the Global Marine AIS system via the Internet. Does not
require any external AIS transponder equipement.

Ideal for busy and popular coastal areas, harbours and ports where
cellular coverage extends out to sea. Mobile phone coverage can extend
over 12 miles out to sea.
See coverage for AT&T around New
Los Angeles and San Diego -

The majority of the UK coast has coverage. Take a look at the coverage
around the Isle of Wight in the UK.

Key Features
Updates position, heading and bearing of ships and boats near you
using AIS every minute.
Live Map view rotates with you so you can look in the direction of the
ships on the map to see them.
Collision avoidance using Closest Point of Approach (CPA) - highlights
boats that are on a potential collision course.
Lets Friends and Family see where you are and where you're headed to
the minute on AIS Hub.

N.B. You will not show up on other Ships AIS radio based systems
(unless they are linked to a AIS Hub too)

Shows MMSI number to contact nearby boats on.
Arm all the crews in a race with Boat Beacon and have real time
updates on the race positions - inland or at sea.
Keep a watch on the other boats in your flotilla when sailing in a group.

iPhone or iPad with Compass and GPS.
Internet connection.

AIS requires a valid MMSI number assigned to show up on the
various AIS map systems. If you dont have one for your boat you can
normally get one for free. In the US you can obtain a free one in a
few minutes by visiting (the USCG approved
agent) and using their online form. In the UK visit

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