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AIS Decoder / Re: AIS Decoder - not able to start
« Last post by ulrikk on 28 July, 2015, 11:02:15 am »
Hello I have maybe a simple problem, but I am not very experienced in Linux on raspberry

I cannot run aisdecoder after the installation below. It it looks like this

 pi@fenixwx ~/Downloads/aisdecoder-1.0.0/build $ cmake ../ -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=RELEASE
-- Build configuration: RELEASE
-- Configuring done
-- Generating done
-- Build files have been written to: /home/pi/Downloads/aisdecoder-1.0.0/build
pi@fenixwx ~/Downloads/aisdecoder-1.0.0/build $ make
[ 43%] Built target aisdecoder_static_lib
[ 56%] Built target aisdecoder
[100%] Built target aisdecoder_dynamic_lib

pi@fenixwx ~/Downloads/aisdecoder-1.0.0/build $ aisdecoder
-bash: aisdecoder: kommandot finns inte

the message is in Swedish but says that the command doesn't exist. 

The file aisdecoder exist in build.

Any suggestions how to proceed?
AIS Dispatcher / Re: Raspberry Pi Basics
« Last post by Cayenne on 03 July, 2015, 08:31:21 am »
Here is the script that has run for a year.

echo "Hello $USER."
echo "Today is $(date)"
echo "Current working directory : $(pwd)"
while :
    if pgrep [a]isdispatcher
       sleep 29
      echo "AisDispatcher not running ... starting"
      /home/pi/aisdispatcher_arm_glibc/aisdispatcher  -r -d /dev/ttyUSB0 -s38400 -H, XXXX&
  sleep 1

AIS Dispatcher / Re: ais dispatcher crc failed
« Last post by lucienve on 29 June, 2015, 02:00:32 am »
Make sure you are setting the baud rate appropriately for your source with the -s command; 38400 is a common rate.
AIS Dispatcher / Re: AISDispatcher on wine
« Last post by ecm56 on 17 June, 2015, 05:46:36 pm »
After some time testing - I have found that when running the Windows version of AISDispatcher in Wine on Linux, Wine seems to "hang" after a couple of weeks.  I don't know if the problem is with AISDispatcher (I have no reason to think so) or with Wine itself.  I have not attempted to analyze the problem.

I switched to running the native Linux version - and have been running that for several months without interruption - so far I plan to stay with the Linux version.  It seems extremely solid.
AIS Hardware / Spectrum Analyzer for Single Board Mini-PCs
« Last post by Araner1 on 17 June, 2015, 05:38:41 pm »
While it may be asking too much to expect single board mini-PCs like the Raspberry Pi, Beaglebone Black or Udoo to host a full AIS workflow (including OpenCPN etc...) their portability makes them especially valuable as dataloggers or TCP relays.  Such configurations usually mean they will be running "headless" or without a monitor, keyboard etc...  However, without a direct interface, it can make it difficult to place the antenna where it has optimal reception.
   In the case of the Raspberry Pi and Beaglebone, they can easily be transformed into a Spectrum Analyzer with the addition of a touch screen attachment and some very simple software. 
  The Beaglebone Black can use a program called ViewRF which can be freely downloaded from Github at- and a tutorial can be found at-


  An even simpler alternative exists for the Raspberry Pi called FreqShow.  The fact that it was developed by open hardware champions ADAFRUIT means you can expect excellent support and documentation.  FreqShow is no exception with a thorough tutorial at- and source code hosted on Github-

  As both programs are open source and easily accessible on Github, I wonder if it would be possible to use them as the foundation for a simple AIS Dispatcher GUI.  As it would be preset to the AIS frequencies, the slider and search dialog could be eliminated in favor of other information indicating TCP network status and possibly even the NMEA feed. 
  Does anybody know if the ARM versions of AISDispatcher can be accessed as a fork on Github?  If not, do the terms of use prevent the source being uploaded independently?  Such a format would allow for public contributions and for the merging of the frequency scanner codes into a new experimental branch.
AIS Dispatcher / ais dispatcher crc failed
« Last post by mlombar3 on 16 June, 2015, 05:12:13 pm »
when i run aisdispatcher with my usb dvb-t R820T rtl in tcp mode
the terminal makes me these errors
can anybody help me?

Last login: Tue Jun 16 16:04:36 on ttys000
MacBook-Pro-di-marco:~ mlombar3$ cd /aisdispatcher
MacBook-Pro-di-marco:aisdispatcher mlombar3$ ./aisdispatcher
AIS Dispatcher v1.2
Developed by Astra Paging Ltd (


Please support the project by sharing your AIS data with AISHub (!


1. TCP client input:
   aisdispatcher -t -h <host> -p <port> -H <host1:port1>,<host2:port2>,... [-x <timeout>] [-y <timeout>] [-D <ds time>] [-v]
2. UDP input:
   aisdispatcher -u -h <host> -p <port> -H <host1:port1>,<host2:port2>,... [-D <ds time>] [-v]
3. Serial input:
   aisdispatcher -r -d <device> -s <baudrate> -H <host1:port1>,<host2:port2>,... [-D <ds time>] [-v]
4. <stdin> input:
   aisdispatcher -i -H <host1:port1>,<host2:port2>,... [-D <ds time>] [-v]

   -t    TCP client input mode
   -u    UDP input mode
   -r    Serial input mode
   -i    <stdin> input mode
   -h    TCP server host (in TCP input mode)
      UDP bind host (in UDP input mode means all interfaces)
   -p    TCP server port (in TCP input mode)
      UDP listen port (in UDP input mode)
   -d    Serial device alias (ex. /dev/ttyS0)
   -s    Serial device baud rate
   -H    Destination(s) <host1:port1>,<host2:port2>...
   -x    Reconnect timeout (time interval between TCP connection attempts, 10 seconds by default)
   -y    Data timeout (automatic TCP reconnect if there are no data for the specified time, 300 seconds by default)
   -D    Downsampling time (0 seconds = no downsampling by default. MAX=300)
   -v    Dispatch VDM messages only (dispatch all messages by default)
   -g    Show NMEA dump
   -G    Turn debug on
   -X    Seconds for exporting KML/KMZ (default=0 export is disabled)
   -z    Use ZIP compression (Google KMZ default=yes)
   -P    Time to delete vessels from memory snapshot older than 'N' minutes (default=15 min.)
   -S    Directory for saving KML/KMZ file (default: install_dir/kml_export)
   -W    Image directory url (default: empty using Google Earth default icons)

TCP example:    aisdispatcher -t -h -p 1234 -H, -x10 -y60
UDP example:    aisdispatcher -u -h -p 5000 -H -D30 -v
Serial exmaple: aisdispatcher -r -d /dev/ttyS0 -s 38400 -H
STDIN exmaple:  cat nmea.log | aisdispatcher -i -H localhost:1234

MacBook-Pro-di-marco:aisdispatcher mlombar3$ ./aisdispatcher -t -h -p 1234 -H -x10 -y60 -G
Connecting to
CRC failed RTL0
CRC failed ??L???
CRC failed m/!????
CRC failed ?Ig?3???
CRC failed ??
CRC failed ???]1U???
CRC failed ?:???
CRC failed ?
CRC failed ?
CRC failed ?
CRC failed ?
CRC failed ?"??
CRC failed ??
CRC failed ?k?tt?
CRC failed ????\??k?
CRC failed ?
CRC failed ?
CRC failed
CRC failed ???
CRC failed ????[?&
CRC failed ????l?q?
AIS Dispatcher / Re: Raspberry Pi Basics
« Last post by Bolk on 09 June, 2015, 11:23:37 am »

i would recomend also to add:  -D 0 after the -y60
because i had some promblems that my SD card got corrupted with errors after a while of using and after adding the -D 0 it went over.

./aisdispatcher -t -h  -p xxxx -H, -x10 -y60 &
AIS Dispatcher / Re: AIS Dispatcher hangs after a while (glibc version). latest
« Last post by Bolk on 09 June, 2015, 11:18:25 am »
I have implemented for the company i work for some RPI's with an ais lan version and atleast at one company i placed an antenna it is still running sincs june 2014 or so, so almost one year now.
without breaking down.
because a few times the sd card broke down due to some functions i used in the rpi service, and after removing them on a new sd card, it is still running.
I am just using a little script on the pi that automaticaly starts dispatching the data and sending it to
AIS Decoder / Re: AIS Decoder - beta release
« Last post by jaherring on 08 June, 2015, 05:04:46 am »
Hi, is there a way to use this software with a serial input instead of the audio input?  I basically want the sentence decoding and database logging part of the software but I'm using a receiver that has only serial output.

AIS Dispatcher / Ais Dispatcher not recognice channel 1/2
« Last post by jimmy on 05 June, 2015, 09:15:48 pm »

My AIS Receiver reports channel 1/2 instead of channel A/B

AIS dispather reports this as CRC error and doesn't forward data

is it possible to update AIS Dispatcher to recognice channel 1/2
Field 5 (B in this example) is a radio channel code. AIS uses the high side of the duplex from two VHF radio channels: AIS Channel A is 161.975Mhz (87B); AIS Channel B is 162.025Mhz (88B). In the wild, channel codes 1 and 2 may also be encountered; the standards do not prescribe an interpretation of these but it’s obvious enough..

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