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Message 14 UID
« on: 29 May, 2014, 12:16:30 pm »
Hello everyone,
I am writing a Matlab routine to parse AIS 14 messages.
I found the standard M.1371 where some rules are defined:
message 14 is a "Safety related broadcast message",
UID should be:
970xxyyyy for SART
972xxyyyy for MOB
974xxyyyy for EPIRB

where xx is a producer's identifier and yyyy a serial number

I have receied some samples of message 14 (thanks to Desimir from AISHub) like:

Code: [Select]
Safety related broadcast message
AIS message:         >6:iq@Pl5T@5V0l5T@5V1<u>6650u?c?:s76s73CWNLrk77RsGRsS;OFLFp
Message ID:          14
MMSI:                413956418
2 spare bits:        0
Safety related Text  MAYDAY MAYDAY SOS!!!POS:32.11.10497'N,118.58.8275'E.

MMSI is not 97.xxyyyy,
What am I missing?